Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sunday Smooch

Well I got back on my horse today and made my first card of 2013.  I feel like it was my first one ever.  I'm glad I did.  It's like breaking a really long bad streak and finally breaking free.. ok, bit on the dramatic side.  Let's just say it's been too long and move on from there shall we.

As usual, for my first inspiration jolt I turn to Paper Smooches Stamps.  I find their stamps always brighten my mood, even if I'm creating a card about feeling under the weather.

So I thought I'd link up my card to this current challenge on the Paper Smooches Sparks Challenge Blog.  It was a photo inspiration challenge based on this photo..

Here is what I did with it..

You like?

now, on to a few other things:
I'd be flat out lying if I said I was doing ok.  I'm not.  I'm grieving Little Miss Stella like it's nobody's business, which it isn't really, because frankly I'm feeling quite judged by it.  Reality Check - Mike and I did not have kids, and for the past 14 years she was my baby.  It's bad enough I lost Tucker a year and a half ago, but now losing Stella in November, it's just about killed me.

Here is the last picture I got to take of her.  I took it a few hours before we had to take her to the vet.

Grieving sucks. It hurts and I hate it.  But this Sunday is one day less I'll have to go through it.  Maybe tomorrow will be a bit easier.

I lost a total of 9.5 lbs this month.  I wanted it to be 10 but I'm not going to get super hung up on it.  It means I have about 59 to go for my December 31st goal which will complete Phase 1 of my taking over the world with my total awesomeness.  Next year will be part 2.  I'll worry about that part this time next year.  For now, I'm pretty over due on my blog post on Coup de Gras.

So that's where this crazy mind is at.

PS. I think I'm losing it.  I'm starting to put Milk in the cupboard and cheese in the freezer.  I think there might be something wrong.
Better gets some shut eye.

Love to who ever reads this damn thing still.

6 seriously fantastic and smart people are saying...:

Desiree said...

I still read!! So sorry to hear about Stella. Hugs to you!

Kathy said...

Ahhh Hayley, I'm sorry you lost your two little treasures. I know it's hard. Time will heal the hurt and you will always have them in your heart. GREAT JOB on your weight loss! That's so awesome! Can you send me some of your motivation? Pretty please, I'm in such a funk and need to get back at it!

Keep on creating girl, you're born to make pretty things!

Kristine Ponte said...

Hi Hayley! Love your Blog, just stumbled across it! So sorry about your struggles with Stella, that really sucks and I know exactly how heart breaking that is, so don't even think about those that judge! I've got three humans and three canines, so I can relate...I connect more with my canines these days..I LOVE all the challenge site links you've posted! If I ever find time to do more challenges I know where to come!!! Take care! {hugs} Kristine

Carolyn said...

I still read, as much as I read anybody;s these days. So sorry to here about your fur babies. Hoping you are feeling better. loved the card!

Me, Him and Them. said...

I love that card. Lovely colours. Well do e :)

Pixel Blue Eyes said...

Hi Hayley,
I know it has been a few months since you wrote this, but I just want to tell you I completely understand. Grief is real and valid and NO one has the right to tell you how to feel. We lost my beloved uncle Jessie (a big Aussie Shepherd mix) and my beloved Happydog (a dachshund) in February, and our family has had immense grief over the loss of both. You can't just snap out of it or "get over it", so just ignore those who do not understand. Mommy & I do.
It is nice to meet you. I saw you followed me on Twitter, so now I follow you too.
Love & puppy hugs,
Pixel (and Mommy Jenny)


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