Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone

As usual, I prefer to make a grand entrance after everyone has arrived.  In other words, I'm late as usual.  Mike likes to call it "Hayley Time" Whatever.

So this Sunday I plan on finally spending some time creating something, perhaps participating in a challenge or two even.  I'm looking forward to spending time using I don't know, some of the ZILLION stamps that I have.

Right now though, I'm focusing on my health and wellness...otherwise known as, This girl's on a diet.

Actually I'm not.  I am simply changing my life.  If you want to know more, look to the right and you'll see my weight loss blog.  It's probably boring, but for me it's going to be my journal during this time.  Then I'll make it in to one of those blog books.  I think that would be cool.

Is anyone out there making New Years Ressies?
I heard this stupid thing on the radio the other day.  "Oh, I don't make New Years Resolutions, I make New Years Intentions, because resolutions are meant to be broken, intentions aren't"


Resolutions are supposed to be more serious than a plan, or a hope, or a desire.  It's intent with purpose.

Intentions are wishy washy excuse setterupers. Just ripe for "Well it was my intention not to get off track, but what the hell, I did"

Didn't someone say that the road to hell was paved with good intentions?
I think I'll stick to resolutions, thanks very much.

I'm actually still combining my list... but so far this is what I'm working on.

1. Get Healthier and Fitter (shouldn't be too hard ... ha ha ha...well it can only get better)
2. Pay my bills on time. (Don't ask)
3. Put myself first. (Time etc) (see #4)
4. Give myself 1 day a week to do what I want, for me.
5. Blog a lot more...both.
6. Get out and participate in life.

Like I said - still working on them.  I've got the best of intention to finish my list of resolutions..

Happy Days People.

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