Sunday, September 23, 2012

I've almost forgotten how this works..

I never meant to take such a long sabbatical from posting, but i suppose the last 18 months have really been a real lean read.  I'd love to be able to blog everyday like some people can.  I really admire that.  I just don't seem to be able to do so.  I think I'm far too boring for that nonsense.

I have to say - I am so glad it's finally fall.  Yay!  Happy Fall people!  I'm not one for hot weather, I mean I don't hate it, I'd just rather the temp didn't go above 18-20 C when I'm not allowed to be on vacation.  I hate going to work when it's so beautiful outside. It's simply a cruel joke.  Therefor it should rain more or at least be sunny and cold.  I suppose it's a good thing that I live in the Pacific Northwest.

I woke up this morning feeling like maybe participating in a challenge.  Well, since I have such an undying love of Paper Smooches Stamps, it was the first place that I headed over too to see what was what challenge wise on their Paper Smooches SPARKS Page.

Lucky for me they had a challenge ending today.  No time like the present to put ink and stamp to paper.

Cool shades is a colour one.  Can't say I was terribly inspired, in fact I found it quite difficult.  I had some sticktoitiveness for breakfast I guess (aka my most awesome homemade french toast) so I figured I'd push through.  Otherwise they wouldn't call it a challenge now would they.

So - here is the challenge inspiration..

Nothing wrong with these lovely colours, but I found since I was in a fall state of mind, it was hard to get in to the groove.  So here is my card.

I figured that I stuck very close to the challenge theme.  I used as close as I could for colours and actually I only used PS stamps.  I can't wait, I believe at the end of this month the christmas ones come out.  Double YAY!!

Ok on to other things..

Have I mentioned lately that I love Pinterst?  Social Hoarding Bookmarking to it's absolute most sublime.  I've had a stressful summer, so I've spent quite a fair share of my time logging pinhours.  God I love it.

The other thing I'm enjoying these days is the show Drop Dead Diva.  I just discovered it so I've been marathoning through the seasons.

If one positive thing has come from me watching that show it's reminded me to pull my appearance together and buy some new make up.  So I did.  Did you know that Benefit Cosmetics makes the worlds best mascara?  If you feel like venturing away from the worlds other best mascara which is clearly classic Loreal Voluminous in the grey and gold tube - then try "They're Real" from Benefit.  AWESOME.
I'm not trying to sell the stuff - I just am wanting to share how awesome I'm finding it.

Also, I'm dying to do my nails in a side french manicure which I think is pretty wicked.

I suppose I'll leave you with the final thought for now - since this is turning in to a novel... It's only 10 more sleeps until Sam & Dean return to us.  Have Mercy!!

Peace out, and thanks for stopping by.

4 seriously fantastic and smart people are saying...:

Desiree said...

LOVE Drop Dead Diva! I was so excited when I saw a new season on Netflix!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

I like your take on the color challenge. Chevron stamps are fun.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OH MY! This card is sooooooo pretty! LOVE the chevrons!! And I also love Drop Dead Diva! I can't wait for the new season!! Fab take on the color story:) THANKS for joining in the fun and playing along with us over at the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge!!

Bee Manghi said...

Tell me your handle on Pintrest. It's so much FUN! Nice running into you at the Crop4Kids! betty


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